On-going maintenance prevents costly repairs.  Parking lot and driveway cracks are not just an eyesore but also a liability.  Seal coat acts as a barrier to moisture, oil and chemicals to protect, beautify and extend the life of the driving surface. Deferred maintenance drastically decreases the lifespan of the driving surface while increasing the repair and replacement cost.


A & B Parking Lot Care provides economical short-term and long-term solutions for asphalt seal-coating.

Seal Coating Scott

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If your parking lot has lost its black luster and is beginning to look brown or gray, you are seeing the first effects of UV radiation breakdown.  If the parking lot seems to be producing sand or has a rough look to it, the asphalt glue is weakening and no longer holding the sand and rocks in place.  Consult with AB Parking Lot Maintenance to determine if an application of seal coat will extend the life of your parking lot.


Combined with crack fill, it is possible to double the life of asphalt surfaces with seal coating.  The down time for cleaning, prep, oil spot priming, sealer application and cure time is normally just a few days.  After just 24 hours, the surface is ready for striping or traffic. Sealcoat should be applied approximately once every three years to keep your asphalt parking lot or driveway safe and functioning for years to come.